A week ago

IMG_9065 IMG_9070Umbrella – TGR. Scarf – Gift from India. Cape – Vintage. Gloves – Levi’s. Bag – From Gran Canaria. Shoes – Dr. Martens. 

Mister has been her for almost a week. In between cuddles and studying we’ve gone for walks and met people. Mostly we’ve been enjoying our time together, alone. It is so precious.

In my bag: University edition

SchoolbagMy mastercard has been exchanged for an NUS card in my wallet, journal with academic notebooks, fantasy novels with articles on the kindle and iPad, red lipstick with lipgloss, makeup with pens and so forth. It is always a little bit difficult getting into new routines.

TV Show: The White Queen

If you are either a) British, b) History lover, or C) book worm you have probably heard about the Cousins War -more commonly known as the War of the Roses. I didn’t know much about this (and I live in York, the white rose!), until I randomly purchased the book The Kingmaker’s Daughter by Philippa Gregory at the airport in Las Palmas three weeks ago. Now I’m done with almost two books about the period, and just finished the TV show based on Gregory’s historic novels. What a long introduction! Either way, it is the TV show I want to tell you about, it’s called The White Queen (the same title as the third book in the Cousin War’s series by Gregory). the white wueenI am a big fan of historical films, shows, and books (and museums!). I adore the Tudor series -both the TV show and the books by Gregory. This has the same feel to it, the courts, the intrigues, the rich and the powerful, and most of it through the eyes of the women. The White Queen begins after Henry the fifth, of the House of Lancaster, has been defeated by York armies and Edward the fourth is now king of England and falls in love with a lancastrian widow, Elizabeth (the White Queen). At the same time Margaret Beaufort is trying to find a way to get her son -the lancastrian heir, named Henry Tudor- to the throne, whilst the Kingmaker from Warwick tries whatever he can to regain some of the power he lost over King Edward the fourth when he married a commoner.

As you might see, there is a lot going on and it is brilliant. I’ve never enjoyed history as much as I do when I watch and read books made like this.

Third room in York

This is my third and final year in York. Appropriately, what follows is a few pictures of the best room I’ve had during my three years. It is spacious, filled with natural light, and most importantly, mold free. York Room 3I am probably gonna get a poster or two to hang above my bed, but other than that I am really happy with how it is right now. The little worm on the wall above my laptop is a “waiting worm” by the way. When I was a child my mother always used to make them while we were waiting for my dad to come home from sea, it made waiting easier and time less …. well, long. I’ve now made one for when my love is coming (9 days!).


Kensington Flora



IMG_8970ssdWith an exception for my Nike running shoes, these might be the most sensible shoes I’ve bought since 2011! A summer of wearing flats at work has left my heeled shoes feeling so uncomfortable over longer distances (says the girl who did a London weekend in super-high Jeffrey Campbells!). These Dr. Martens are not as rough as the ‘standard’ boot from the brand, and in my opinion will be much easier to dress up with dresses and skirts for an elegant (flat-shoed) look.

TIPS: If you are a UK student, sign up with UNiDAYS to get discount codes for a range of different online stores! I got 10% off when I got these shoes at Office online.

York update

Recently UpdatedSo, in about 24 hours I’ve spent an entire week in York. Moving into the house I’m sharing with two wonderful girls, drinking red wine and gin, meeting friends, reading for seminars, reading for fun, signing up for the gym, and starting with the actual lectures. It really does not feel like just a week.

Instagram SamsungThe house is absolutely lovely, and the group dynamic is better than I expected! Everyone do their dishes and clean up after themselves -this is really the building block of any relationship! Both modules I am taking this fall seems beyond good, even if the reading seems a bit excessive (but it is really interesting so it doesn’t matter, besides, it might be OK once I get into it).

In less than two weeks the love of my life is coming to visit as well, so things are beyond great.